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Vault Feed System + Hanging Rack

The Vault Dog Food Dispenser keeps dog food fresh, dry, and pest free, plus it's easy to use. Here's how it works: The large lid allows you to pour food in without spilling and it holds up to 40 pounds of dry dog food, eliminating the need to store open bags of food. The access door is hinged so that it stays shut until your dog nudges it open, this keeps unwanted rodents, Birds and pests out. The dog food dispenser bolts directly to the kennel so a dog can't push it away and escape, and the specially angled chute provides a steady food flow on demand without blocking the feeding door.
The Vault 7 Gallon XL Water Dispenser

  • Provides 7 gallons of water
  • Stainless steel water hose (chew proof)
  • Gravity fed water reservoir
  • Auto fill dog bowl with float valve shut off
  • Water your dog from outside the dog run
  • Shut off value at the base of reservoir for detaching
  • Large opening for easy filling
  • Rust resistant
  • * Upgradeable steel auto fill bowl (Chew proof)

Vault water Dispenser
"The Vault Water Dispenser" Provides 7 gallons of gravity fed water for your pet on demand. Here's how it works: Just fill the reservoir using a hose or a bucket. This can be done from outside the kennel eliminating the risk of a dog escaping, or you stepping in something. The water then flows by gravity to an automatic bowl that maintains the desired water level. The large lid makes it easy to fill without spilling, and a manual shut off valve at the base of the container allows the reservoir to be detached from the kennel to be refilled or cleaned. The standard stainless steel supply hose won't rust and dogs can't chew thru it, and if your dog likes to chew we offer an optional Stainless steel bowl to discourage dogs from chewing.