k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e

  • Small 8" X 13" X 8" Footprint
  • Low Cost To Run
  • Easy To Install
  • Extremely Reliable
  • 1400 BTU
  • Works With Large Dog House
  • Work With Kennel Castle
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The dog house air conditioner is a small (8" x 13" x 8"), low cost, easy to install, extremely reliable, 1400 BTU unit that will cool even the largest dog houses in the hottest summertime conditions. These two products have pet owners 100% covered when it comes to the ultimate comfort for their pets. Hounditioner is a one of a kind unit that supplies a generous flow of recirculated refrigerated air into the dog houses to reduce the temperature and remove humidity for the dogs. This is a product that has been needed by the dog industry for a long time. This small unit can be easily attached to the side of the dog house or it can be free standing with insulated flexible ducting that can supply cool air just about anywhere it is needed. Once installed all that is needed is to adjust the thermostat to the desired inside temperature and the Hounditioner will provide a comfortable environment that pet owners can rely on. It also has a handle on the top so it can be easily carried and when combined with a small portable 110V generator it will provide cool air anywhere. The Hounditioner and the Hound Heater not only provide comfort for the animals on the Hottest and Coldest days, they also provide comfort to the owners knowing that their pets are safe. Many dogs experience heat strokes and some die each year from overheating. Dogs can handle the cold but not the heat. This can be especially true for senior dogs, puppies, over weight dogs, and dogs with respiratory or heart disease. It is very economical to operate the Hounditioner and Hound Heater so they are a wonderful addition when added to dog houses to provide the peace of mind that your pets are comfortable.

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