k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e
  • 28 " Long
  • Stabilizes panel against wall
  • All metal construction
  • Powder Coated tuff
  • Installs in minutes
  • Easy to remove

Set Of Two
Single Stake
K9 Kennel Store is the new standard in dog kennels. Our products are well-designed and tested to provide you the best quality kennels and pet accessories. If you plan to use the wall of your house, garage or shed as a part of your kennel system then our Dog Kennel Stabilizing Stakes are a must. They help to stabilize your kennel and firmly mount it to the wall. These stakes eliminate kennel distortion, tipping or even falling of kennel panels. Ideal for kenneling large and active dogs and best suited for windy places. This dog kennel accessory, used together with our Wall Mounting Brackets are essential for protecting your pup from large outside animals that might try to get in.

Large and aggressive dogs can be hard to contain. Specialized and extra strong kennels are needed to hold them inside their run. However, with K9 Kennel Stores Wall Stabilizing Stakes, your dog kennel will transform into a strong and stable one. This dog kennel accessory is perfect for those who want to set their kennel at the side of the house or garage; using the wall as part of the kennel. This dog kennel accessory will secure the dog kennel along the wall and prevent being toppled down your dog. Great in windy areas or places where large outside animals might try to get in. These stakes are an all metal construction and are powder coated to last long. These stakes and safe for your pet and can be installed in a breeze, or removed with easy when transferring.

The danger of an unstable do kennel is great. The dog panels could fall on your dog and end up hurting him or he could escape in the process. Secure your kennel before anything else! K9 Kennel Store offers you products that give your dog a clean, safe and secure place to stay. Our love and affection to our pets compels us to give them the best pet supplies we can offer and K9 Kennel Store has the best products for you.

Dog kennel accessories that get the job done: that's what K9 Kennel Store products are all about! No need to spend hundreds of dollars on complicated products that might not even work. Our pet supplies have been tried and tested and have been given high marks by customers and industry professionals across the country. Safety, durability and affordability are the trademarks of our products. Order by phone now, just dial 1-877-527-3455 or visit our Homepage and product pages for more kennels and kennel accessories.

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