• Mounts to any existing panel
  • All metal construction
  • Can be Installed at time of purchase
  • Powdercoated for durability


Door only (Does Not Include Panel)
Includes frame and hook for securing open or closed
20"W x 23"T Metal sliding Exterior Door
k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e
The configurations and functionality of our kennels are endless. With a wide range of kennel accessories, you have so many options for your kennel. You can place a dog house outside of the kennel with our sliding door attached to serve as a restraining area for your dog while you clean the kennel or prepare food. This product is also apt for multiple kennels. Our External Sliding Door allows your dog to interact and play with other dogs (which is socially healthy and necessary) and also gives him privacy and space when needed.

Safety, durability and affordability are the trademarks of K9 Kennel Store products. The K9 Kennels External Sliding Door is made from the same material as our K9 Kennel panels so you can be 100 percent sure that it is durable and safe, plus it can be installed in mere minutes. Order now and see how this product works for you and your pup! Other quality K9 products include: Canvas Tops and Side Covers, Kennel Flooring, Feeders, Dog Crates and much more.

Our K9 Kennels are designed to be versatile and customizable. With our wide range of accessories and tools you can customize your kennel exactly as you want. Adding a Steel Slide Door on your existing K9 Kennel allows you to place your dog house outside of the dog run. This setup is best suited for multiple dog kenneling; allowing your dogs to interact with one another while also being able to separate them when it is needed. Our steel slide door is made of powder coated steel for durability and mounts to any existing panel.

This type of set up allows you to contain your pet in one side of a multiple kennel while also allowing your dogs to share a space, whether it be for training or breeding, with an easy option to separate them again when needed. This product is also suitable for chicken coops: simply place a sliding door to separate the egg-laying hen from the rest of the flock. The sliding door includes frame and hook for securing open or closed. K9 Kennels also have kennel flap doors for an alternate solution. Whatever your kenneling needs, K9 Kennels Store has got you covered!

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