With our Kennel Mounted Sliding Bowl System, feeding time is so much easier and efficient compared to the traditional feeding system. You can put in food and water inside the kennel without opening the main gate, thus eliminating the chance of your pet charging out. The sliding panel is located at the side of the kennel and the two bowls slide to the outside of the dog run for feeding access, then slides back to the inside of the dog run for your pet to have access to his food and water. This setup is especially suitable for animal hospitals, pet rescues, breeders, trainers and humane societies for handling the feeding of hostile or aggressive dogs, or if you have multiple dogs to feed on a schedule.

You can also let your kids do the feeding of the pets without worrying about their safety or creating a mess. The sliding bowls can be pre-installed when buying a new kennel, or you can attach it to your existing kennel. Just cut off the wires in the dog run and bolt the Sliding Bowl System into place.  And these are compatible with our tempered glass doors.

Feeding time is not always the best of times for some dog owners. Some dogs are too eager to get to their food so they jump up to you or snag the food away from you. This type of behavior can create a major mess in the dog kennel or even create a mess out of you. Your eager canine could also tip his food bowl or puppy water bowl if just placed on the kennel floor. Avoid these problems once and for all with this easy sliding dog bowl system, something that every K9 Kennel should have.

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Also, be sure to check out our Snap N' Lock Bowls as an alternative to this system.
(2) 64 Ounce Steel Bowls
(1) Mounting Bracket
(1) Sliding Bowl Mounting Frame
(1) Connection Bolt

  • Connects to kennel with one bolt
  • Elevated for easy feeding
  • Drawer pulls out for easy access to bowls
  • Easy to fill the food and water bowls
  • Two 64oz stainless steel bowls included
  • Mounting hardware are included.
  • Dog cannot knock bowls out of stand
  • Great for older dogs with joint and hip problems
  • Aids in digestion as dogs are more level with their food
  • Keeps pet dining area organized

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