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Small Door Features:
Outer frame dimensions: 7.5" x 11"
Flap opening: 5.125" x 8.25"
Cutout size: 6.375" x 10.125"
Great for pets up to 15 lbs
Replacement Flap: PAC11-11037

Medium Door Features:
Outer frame dimensions: 10.5" x 15"
Flap opening: 8.125" x 12.25"
Cutout size: 9.25" x 14"
Great for pets up to 40 lbs
Replacement Flap: PAC11-11038

Large Door Features:
Outer frame dimensions: 12.5" x 19.75"
Flap opening: 10.125" x 16.25"
Cutout size: 11.25" x 19"
Great for pets up to 100 lbs
Replacement Flap: PAC11-11039

Extra Large Door Features:
Outer frame dimensions: 16" x 27.25"
Flap opening: 13.625" x 23.625"
Cutout size: 14.875" x 26.5"
Great for pets up to 200 lbs
Replacement Flap: PAC11-11040
This durable Plastic Pet Door gives you and your furry pal the freedom you both deserve. The frame is paintable to match any decor and a snap-on closing panel is included to use during those times when you do not want your pet to use the pet door or during inclement weather. The soft, flexible tinted flap is safe and easy for your dog to push open so he can let himself out – and back in. For better weather insulation, the magnetic strip at the bottom of the flap keeps the flap closed when your pet's not using the door.
  • Flexible, tinted, and adjustable soft flap with magnetic closure
  • Paintable plastic frame
  • Fits doors 1/16 - 2 inches thick
  • Easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Snap-on closing panel included


When your pet enters through the sliding glass doors, he feels like a big shot. The panel can be installed in the left or right door, and it has an UltraSeal energy-conserving flexible flap system to reduce energy loss. Panels are available in Satin, Bronze, and White in four sizes for sliding doors up to 81". Patio Panel Pet Doors allow your pet to come and go as he pleases through your sliding glass or screen door. These panels feature a heavy-duty aluminum construction and shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass. They’re also equipped with the energy-conserving UltraSeal flexible flap system designed to keep the heat and cold outdoors. Installation is easy, with no cutting required. You'll slide the panel into one end of your sliding door track, secure it to the frame, and add weather stripping. Open and close the other side of your door easily. If you ever need to move, you can easily remove the panel from the frame and take it with you.

  • Fits frames up to 81"
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Shatter-resistant, tempered safety glass
  • Latch lock assembly enables sliding glass door to lock
  • Energy-conserving flexible flap system reduces energy loss
  • Spring-loaded height adjusts automatically from 76.81" to 81"
  • Weather stripping panel included for weather resistance
  • Fits left or right sliding glass doors up to 81 inches tall
  • Flexible, soft flap with UV sun protection
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with tempered glass
  • Easy installation with no cutting required
  • Locking latch
  • White finish
Small Door Features:
Outer frame size: 8.375" x 76.8125" - 81"
Flap opening: 5.25" x 8.1.875"
Depth: 0.75"
Step-over rise: 1.75"
Shoulder height: 10"

Medium Door Features:
Outer frame Size: 11.375" x 76.8125" - 81"
Flap opening: 8.25" x 12.1875"
Depth: 0.75"
Shoulder height: 14"
Step-over rise: 1.75"

Large Door Features:
Outer frame Size: 13.375" x 76.8125" - 81"
Flap opening: 10.25" x 16.375"
Depth: 0.75"
Shoulder height: 20.625"
Step-over rise: 4.25"