(4) Metal Framed Panels
(1) Insulated Roof
(1) Entrance Ramp
(1) Easy Clean Floor
(1) Large Porch
(3) Floor Cross Members
  •      Maintenance free
  •      2" thick insulation throughout
  •      Dimensions: 48"W x 48"D x 36"H
  •      Big enough for large dog breeds,
  •      Accommodates 2-3 dogs
  •      Maximizes kennel space with multiple levels
  •      Provides a "playground" environment
  •      Sloped floor with drain hole for easy cleaning

k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e
Dimensions  TOP SECTION (in)      BOTTOM SECTION (in)     DOOR (in)
Size              L          W        H          L        W        H               W         H  
CASTLE      48.0     48.0     36.0      48.0     48.5     24.0          16.0     18.0

Welcome to the K9 Kennel Store web site where you will find some of the best designed and most unique dog houses available. The Kennel Castle is truly a unique dog house that has many benefits and features not found anywhere else.

The Kennel Castle is Huge, it's 4 feet wide, 4 feet deep and 3 feet tall, making it a comfortable shelter for larger dogs or multiple dogs in one house. Plus it's insulated to keep dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Kennel Castle  accommodates even the largest breeds, such as Mastiffs, Great Danes, Saint Bernards, German Shepherds and more. Plus, you can house 2 or more dogs in one Kennel Castle.
The Kennel Castle is designed to create a playground environment for your dogs by maximizing kennel space. Regular dog houses take up a lot of room inside an enclosure. With the Kennel Castle, the dog house is outside of the run freeing up room to frolic. Plus the dog house and porch are elevated for even more space to play underneath the house. Dogs like to be up off the ground in their "safe zone." T,he elevated porch provides a great "look-out point" and lounging area that dogs love. By incorporating an elevated house and an open area design, Kennel Castle is truly the ultimate playground environment for your dog!

Kennel Castle Features:
All K9 Kennel dog houses and runs are designed to be maintenance free! Constructed of 2 inch double-walled polyethylene plastic, this dog house will stand up to the toughest weather for decades. You won't have to worry about staining, painting, or rotting which are characteristics of a wooden dog house. The walls, floor and roof are all filled with 2" of insulation to keep your dog cooler during hot weather, and warmer during colder weather.

Kennel Castle frames and runs are made of 1" X 1" steel tube and heavy-duty 6 gauge welded wire that is welded at every point and spaced 2" x 4". (Your dog will not chew through this!)  All steel is powder coated, giving the frame a strong finish that looks great for years to come.

All About The Castle

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  • Fully Insulated
  • Double Walled Construction
  • Designed for large dog breeds
  • Accommodates 2-3 dogs
  • Maximize kennel space with multiple levels
  • Provides a "playground" environment
  • Elevattion prevents water from seeping in
  • Offset door to avoid direct drafts
  • Built from maintenance-free materials
  • Large access door
  • Sheltered run under the dog house
  • Vinyl Flap door
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • 4' Ramp

Why shouldn't your outdoor dog house be as stylish as your house? Eye catching good looks complement your home. Our exterior molded wood grain gives your dog house a stylish look, color and texture. An attractive simulated shingled roof with steep pitch facilitates quick drainage of rain and snow.

These dog doors are huge - 15" wide and 21" tall allowing even the largest of dogs to enter.

Checking on your dog or puppies inside their dog house, or gaining full access to the inside area for cleaning is almost impossible with most dog houses.  K9 Kennel Castle comes standard with a large personal door which provides waist high access so you don't need to get down on your hands and knees to clean your dog house or tend your pets. The access door makes it easy to reach anything inside; whether it be a dog blanket or a litter of puppies. The personal door also has a place to install a pad lock. This will keep small children and unknowing guests from accidentally letting your dog out of its kennel. Pad locks are sold separately and are located on the accessories page.

Steel framing around the door makes this dog house chew resistant. An optional steel chewing prevention bar for the edge of the porch is available.

This transparent vinyl self closing flap door has a magnetic strip attached at the bottom, helping to keep the door closed. This will keep the warm air in and the cold air out and is easy for your dog to use. It's also transparent to let the light in, so the dog can see out.


The 4' long ramp provides front door and porch access for your dog. The ramp is equipped with cleats so your dog can get proper footing; making it easy for any dog to climb up to their castle.

This dog house has two vents, one in the front and one in the back to allow for cross ventilation. They can be closed in the winter and opened in the summer.

The elevated design of Kennel Castle affords additional space underneath the house for lounging in the shade or playing, without taking up any additional yard.  With the dog house up off the ground water or snow won't seep in.

You can add a run to the dog house or expand the run at any time by simply adding extra panels. You can quickly double the size of your run in minutes with just 2 additional panels. Optional metal roofing covers a portion of the run, or the entire run and furnishes shade and shelter from the weather and outside predators. It also prevents dogs from jumping or climbing out. It's made of steel roofing material designed for industrial buildings and will last a lifetime. It's easy to install; only taking about 30 minutes, so in no time at all your dog can have the perfect protected environment.

Kennel Castle assembles in 10 to 30 minutes. Only a self tapping socket and drill for attaching the roof is needed.

Most dogs love to be elevated up off the ground. The porch not only allows for that but also provides extra square footage to play, jump and climb that would otherwise go unused in any other kennel. It really is almost like a playground environment for your dog! 

Kennel Caste is an impressive 4' wide X 4' long, and has an overall height of 5' -- the actual height inside the dog house is 3' with a 2' tall run underneath the house.

A heater portal allows the heater's electrical cord to directly exit the side of the dog house; preventing the dog from chewing or tripping over the cord. This innovative dog house makes for an excellent home for practically any pampered pooch. Heaters are sold separately on the accessories page.

The floor is sloped and has a drain hole to make cleaning a breeze, just hose it down and water runs out the hole inside the Castle floor. The floor is raised to provide a dry and warm bedding area.

The "Kennel Castle" is warranted to the original owner to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the period of one year from the date of purchase.


Optional Heater: To make this Kennel Castle even more comfortable during those winter months you can add a wall-mounted heater. The Dog House Furnace Deluxe with Cord Protector will help protect your pet from the cold. It features a long-life heating element for many years of reliable use. This product can also be used for most dog and cat houses. Product is made from 16 gauge powder coated steel.

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Optional Windows: To give your dog additional light you can add up to two windows. These 12" x 12" windows are made of tempered glass making it impossible for your dog to break. Sold separately 

The K9 Kennel castle comes in three convenient packages.

"The Basic" includes the Kennel Castle, 1- 4' ramp,  run and roof to cover the porch area of the run.

"The Complete" includes the Kennel Castle, 1-4' ramp, porch, digging prevention system, 4' x 4' section of tile Flooring under the house, run and roof to cover the porch area of the run. Plus a FREE GIFT of two kennel mounted Bowls.

"The Ultimate" is loaded, it includes the Kennel Castle, 1-4' ramp, porch, run and roof to cover the porch area of the run, digging prevention system on a portion of the run, tile flooring on the other portion, plus under the dog house, swivel bracket with bowls, septic tank, and TWO FREE GIFTS: a FREE Waste scooper and your choice of a food dispenser or dog cot.

Of course you can upgrade to raised flooring at the time of check out. Or add any other options or additional panels you would like to get the exact items to fit your needs.So make your dog the happiest on the block. Go ahead and grab your Kennel Castle today by clicking the "Add to Cart." You can order on our secure server or give us a call.We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you get started with your Kennel Castle today.
Dimensions  TOP SECTION (in)      BOTTOM SECTION (in)     DOOR (in)
Size              L          W        H          L        W        H               W         H  
CASTLE      48.0     48.0     54.0      48.0     48.5     24.0          16.0     18.0

  •      Elevated off the ground prevents seeping
  •      Offset door to avoid direct drafts/Castle Only
  •      Large personal access door
  •      Sheltered run under the dog house
  •      Magnetic Closing Vinyl Flap door
  •      Powder coated steel frame
  •      4' Long Ramp
  •      Knock out hole for an electrical cord

(4) Metal Framed Panels
(1) Insulated Roof
(1) Entrance Ramp
(1) Easy Clean Floor
(1) Large Porch
(3) Floor Cross Members