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K9 Kennel Store | Introducing The K9Kennel Series: The New Standard in Dog Kennels & Dog Runs


  • (2) Ceramic Blades
  • (2) High Capacity Batteries
  • (1) Recharging transformer
  • (1) Lubricating oil / Brush
  • (1) Hard Case Storage

K9 Kennel Store offers a comprehensive collection of professional quality grooming tools to assist you in grooming your dog. Whether you are a professional groomer, a professional handler, or a new pet parent, we have everything you need to accomplish your goals. Our brands are trusted in the professional grooming industry for their quality and value. Have you ever thought about grooming your dog at home? This home dog grooming kit is an easy way to save a lot of money compared to using a professional groomer. You can save hundreds of dollars a year grooming your own pet. In addition to saving you money it also gives you that great satisfaction you get from learning something new. There are so many resources that you can find online to teach you how to groom your dog.  It can be quite fun learning a new skill and trying out new styles on your dog. Even the novice can quickly learn how to groom a dog and start saving money right away. It takes less time to groom your dog at home as opposed to the inconvenience of taking two trips to the groomers, once to drop your dog off and the second to pick up your dog. We offer these grooming supplies in three different packages "The Basic Package", "The Complete Package" and "The Ultimate package". We also sell each grooming tool separately on our website. For example you're looking for just the cordless clippers or Brushes

These clippers are cordless to make it easier to use. Cords often get in the way. If you forget to charge the clippers no problem, they will still work with the included outlet cord. Charge the battery directly or charge the battery after it has been removed. This super durable motor runs quiet. Easy and comfortable to hold handle helps to get into the hard to reach places.  High capacity rechargeable battery will hold a charge for a continuous hour. These ultra-sharp Ceramic Blades help to keep the blades cooler during grooming.