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50" X 26" X 64" Stainless Steel Electric Bathing Tub

  • Deluxe SUS304 Stainless Steel.
  • Smart Folding Splash Guard Design
  • BTS130E opens via a strong and sturdy lift off door.
  • BTS-131E has an easy-to-use sliding door design.
  • Extensive lifting range, door access height adjusts from 10" to 40".
  • Foldable Splash guard panels offer flexibility based on your needs.
  • Easily manages small breeds (by raising the tub and adding platforms).
  • Larger breeds or older dogs can stroll in and out when the tub is lowered.
  • Water resistant foot pedal controls make operating the tub simple.
  • The gentle movement up/down does not startle pets.
  • Tubs also come with stainless steel hair strainer, flexible drain hose, T
  • Two tub bottom panels and one puppy booster.
Stainless Steel Tub

ECO Stainless Steel Bathing Tub

  • A budget tub with fully welded tank and assembly splash guards.
  • Very good choice for grooming salons and boarding kennels; a terrific value.
  • Puppy booster, bottom panels, hair strainer, drain, flexible drain hose and silicon caulking kit included.

Large Electric Grooming table With L.E.D. Lights
  • This table will be the featured performer, the showcased table in your hospital, clinic or salon.
  • It is a work of art.
  • The first LED lighted table in the pet industry, provides mild and gentle light for your operation or grooming needs.
  • World class LED chips, made in Germany, ensures long lifespan for lighting panel.
  • Extremely stable electric lifting base gives you a sense of comfort and ease of operation.
  • Safety tested matte surface glass table top, silicon sealed edges, clear, skid-proof mat (does not affect or diffuse the light below), make the surface safe and soothing for pets to stand comfortably.
6' X 8' Welded Wire

Large Electric Grooming table With Small Animal Turn Table
  • This incredibly versatile table has an exceptionally broad lifting range, from a low of 10" to high of 48".
  • It has a huge load capacity of 350lbs. Its built-in Electric receptacle (installed on one end), is a very convenient power source solution for your nail grinder, dryer and clipper.
  • The center mounted turntable rotates 360 degrees.
  • Eliminates the constant need for walking around the table or having to reposition your subject.
  • Overhead H frame grooming arms included.
6' X 8' Welded Wire

Cordless Electric Dog trimmers With Ceramic Blades

  • Two Ceramic Blades
  • Two Batteries
  • Plastic Hard Case
6' X 8' Welded Wire