k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e
STACKABLE 60 - 19"H x 22"D x 14.5"W
Code 4360 60+ lbs (16.0 Gallon) Capacity.

Wide Opening, Easy Access.
Space Efficient and STACKABLE.
Free Measuring Cup enclosed.
Food Grade, High Impact Resistant Plastic.
Airtight and Pest Proof!
Q. Are your products BPA free?

Correct, these are BPA free!

Q. Can I use these to store human food?
Yes! Many smart people do exactly that. These are FDA approved, food grade containers. They are ideal for long term food storage and bulk food storage to keep your food fresh. We recommend our HDPE (High-density polyethylene) containers that keep out light.

Q. What makes the Vittles Vault containers unique?
What distinguishes the Vittles Vault from other pet food containers on the market is that they are impervious to air. They prevent ants and other small pests from invading the food -- all with just a simple spin of the patented lid. Also, premium collection is extremely durable and sturdy.

Q. What kind of plastic is the Vittles Vault made from? Is it safe?

We have gone to lengths to ensure that the Vittles Vault is food safe. The Vittles Vault is manufactured from FDA approved high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is used throughout the "human" food industry. The gaskets are made from FDA grade styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), and are lightly lubricated with an FDA grade silicone.

Q. Why can't I just use the bag to store the pet food like the manufacturer says I can?

Using the pet food bag for storage does not prevent food from becoming stale, and does not protect against pest invasion. Pet food goes stale and they definitely notice the difference!

Q. Well, what about just storing the pet food in a plastic trashcan?

Plastic trashcans are made specifically for trash, not food. Trashcans are typically made from reprocessed plastic, and will be a dark color to hide dirt and foreign matter within the plastic. Additionally, trashcans are not food safe. The Vittles Vault provides a food safe plastic container that is airtight, unlike a trashcan.

Q. Doesn't the dog food become rancid from plastic absorbing the fats used in dry dog foods after continued use of a plastic container?

As with any plastic food container, the Vittles Vault should be cleaned out and allowed to thoroughly dry before its first use and periodically thereafter. We recommend washing your Vittles Vault each time you get a new bag of food.

Q. What is your definition of a pest? A rat chewed through the lid of my The Vittles Vault.

When we say pest, we mean insects such as ants (a very common problem). Rats can chew through metal if they have reason to think there is food to be had. We do not guarantee our product against mice, rats, raccoons, possums, squirrels, bears, etc. However, we do make it difficult for these pest to chew through the "rounded angle" corners. It's tough for them to get their mouths around these corners. We suggest that if you have a problem, place a piece of wood (13"X 13") over the top or store the Vittles Vault upside down.

Q. Why doesn't my 50 lbs. bag of dog food fit into the so-called 50 lbs. Vittles Vault container?

The published fill capacity is approximate. The actual fill capacity depends on the kibble size, shape and density of the pet food you purchased. We used dog food to generate our fill capacity numbers. Therefore, you may be able to fit more than 50 lbs. of birdseed or cat food, but only 40 lbs. of a large kibble senior dog food.

Q. Will that "plastic" smell go away?

The odor you smell when you open the Vittles Vault is not harmful and is a normal by-product of plastic manufacturing �� it will subside. As with any plastic food storage product, we recommend that you wash out your Vittles Vault before using it. Also, it is helpful to remove the lid and let the container "air out" for a day or two before using it to store pet food.

Q. Can I take the SPIN-ME card out of the threads?

We recommend not to, here's why: The card is there to keep the container vented during transport. The patented airtight lid works so well that if you travel with your empty container on a trip to a slightly higher elevation without the card, the container will "bloat" because the air inside of the container is heavier. The opposite is true if you open the container without a card and descend to a lower elevation the container will "suck in" and the lid will be difficult to remove. Kind of a neat demonstration, but not recommended!

Q. How high can we stack the rigid containers?

In normal situations usually no higher than two high is safe. If the container is being used for birdseed or something lightweight, then stacking up to three high can be done.

Q. What extreme environments have the rigid containers seen?

There are many, but here's one example. The rigid containers have been on several expeditions to the Himalayas. They are used for a number of applications from hauling gear on the backs of yaks, to safely storing high tech electronic equipment. At the base camp for Mt. Everest, high altitude mice get into packed food----not with the Vittles Vault!


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