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What Makes a good Dog Kennel or Dog Run?
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I am a kennel expert who has been designing and building dog kennels for many years now full time and wanted to share the information that I have learned over the years to my fellow dog lovers. If you still have a question on how to build the perfect environment for your dogs to live in, then just ask and I would be glad to help you out. So I have listed below the most important feature a kennel must have. 
Please if you feel I have left something out let me know?

***NOTE*** I have underline products with a video demonstration on youtube.
What makes a good Dog Kennel or Dog Run?

         Easy Cleaning, Sanitation & Comfort

         Easy Feeding

         Escape Proof

         Enough Room for Exercise

         Protection Shaded from the Sun and Sheltered from the Rain, Snow and Wind.

Ease of Cleaning:

Dogs like to do their business in the end of the run furthest away from his sleeping area. That usually means the end where the gate is located. Nothing is more disgusting than going out to feed and water your dog and stepping right in dog feces or even having your dog step in it and then jump up on you. Putting the gate on the dog house end makes it hard to clean the kennel and also makes it hard to get past the house to make your entry and exit. Putting the door in the middle of the run makes it easy to Come and go, feed, and fetch him through the nice clean walk way of the side gate. Not having to step through the doggie land mine field.

The best way to keep your kennel clean is to build it on a concrete pad with an outer perimeter of gravel (discussed above) for catching water run-off. Gravel runs cannot be adequately disinfected. Concrete is much easier to disinfect with a bleach solution or other disinfecting product. Most dogs will run the grass down over time and you will find your dog kenneled in dirt or mud. Your run will be easier to clean if it is set on a concrete pad. However, if concrete is undesirable or impractical for your backyard kennel. Kennel flooring is the next best thing. There are two types of flooring for dog kennels. The first is tile kennel flooring which is easy to spray off and helps prevent weeds from growing throughout the kennel. The next type is raised kennel flooring which I prefer is both easy to clean but creates an air-flow underneath the floor and is very easy to clean. (Kennel Flooring is less expensive and can be installed in just minutes plus it is portable) and then using pea gravel at the end of the run. Put pea gravel in the last 4 feet of the elimination end. Dig the soil out about 8 inches deep. Put a layer of lime on top of the dirt (to neutralize the odor of urine), then spread a deep layer of pea gravel on top. It will be good for your dog's feet. It is easy to clean.

Enough room for exercise:

For exercise, it is often more important to have length than width. If you have a choice between a 8' x 12' run or a 6' x 18' run, or even a 8 x 24  the 24' run is better for the dog. It gives your dog more getting-up-to-speed running in its kennel. It also allows him to do its business in an end far away from his housing and feeding quarters.

Doggie Septic: Consider a Dog Septic system and a Pooper Scooper Install it in the end of the run and hang the scooper close by on the kennel. Scoop the run and deposit the "deposits" directly into the in-ground septic container and never think about it again. These are great in areas where the ground is dry. It helps eliminate order in the garbage cans which we all know is not pleasant at all. It is easy to use and if installed right outside the kennel makes it convenient to dispose of waste without having to carry it all the way to the garbage can.
Protection Shade & Shelter:
Most dog kennel come with some kind of cover (I do not recommend the plastic tarps they weather and tear quickly, Dog Kennel canvas cover tops or Dog Kennel corrugated metal tops will last for years.) If not they should as dogs quickly overheat. Their cooling mechanism is not as efficient as a human. If you expect the dog house or a shed to be the only shelter from the sun, it must have a LARGE bottom air gap through which air can pass freely, and very few dog houses have such a ventilation system because dogs do not sweat. So any kind of top on your kennel would help keep the temperature down.

Easy Feeding:

There are several options for feeding and watering the dogs in the kennel. For backyard kennels, it is easiest to use an automatic water bowl. Attach it near the house where the dog can go directly to it to get his drink. Food bowls should also be placed near the house end.

Kennel mounted food and water bowls are really nice. This will keep your dog from knocking over its bowl and making a mess. Also it lets you raise the bowls off of the ground - a good idea to deter ants and animals such as rats and mice. Even better is a Swivel Bowl system which allows you to feed your pet from the outside of the run for convenience. This is an especially attractive option if you have children feeding your pet or you are dressed for work and need to make sure the dog is well-fed before you leave.

Escape Proof:

Anti-Digging Bars or Kennel Flooring Systems and Tops Covers; If you have a dog that enjoys digging you know how frustrating it can be--especially if they use that "love of digging" to dig out of their kennel or fence.  Short of pouring cement in your back yard there hasn't been much one could do to prevent this problem; but no more!   Now they have a Digging Prevention System.  The Digging Prevention System is simple: Anti-digging bars surround the interior panels of the Kennel; these bars attach to the kennel itself and act as a simple "stopper." Dogs can't chew or claw through these bars and they certainly can't fit through them.

Multiple Kennel Systems:

Three items to consider when you have multiple inline kennels:  Anti-Fighting Partition Panels, Raised Kennel Flooring and Swivel Bowl Systems.

Anti fight Partition panels:

Anti-Fight Partition Panels are designed with the pro breeder in mind.

    Prevents Fence Fighting
    Reduces Barking

Raised Kennel Flooring System:

This is the perfect solution to providing a sanitary, yet comfortable surface for dogs in cages, runs, and more. Raised Kennel flooring system for pets provides a clean and proper solution for all types of dogs or other animals in a kennel or dog cage. Molded from high-density plastic resins, its unique construction allows for easy drainage and air circulation while maintaining a flat, non-skid surface for comfort. Raised Kennel Flooring is the excellent choice for raising your dog above less-desirable flooring such as dirt, or concrete, which can contribute to disease or bone problems. This also prevents cross contamination. 2' x 4' section

    Each Section is 2 X 4 foot section
    Prevents Cross Contamination
    Easily expandable
    Keeps dog high and dry.
    Provides warmth.
    Comfortable non-skid surface.
    Will not absorb odors.
    Allows free air circulation.

Swivel Bow System:

Great for letting kids feed the family pets without a chance of them escaping and running off.  Also useful for breeders, humane organizations and

You can see this video design at k9kennelstore.com it is called The Ultimate Dog Kennel

If anyone feels that I have left out any major or minor things you need for a dog kennel, I would really like to hear your opinion?Veterinarians where entering the kennel with an unfriendly dog can be a problem. Simply cut the wires on the dog kennel and install the swivel food and water set in the dog run.

    Pre installed at time of dog kennel purchase
    Bolts to the dog kennel wires using a metal frame
    Door Unpins and swings open
    Easy to fill the food and water bowls
    Swing shut and latch
    Two 64oz stainless steel bowls included
    Mounting hardware are included.