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Have you ever seen the anguish in your children's eyes when the family dog has run away?

We have experienced this frequently. The dog will either end up at a neighbor's, or at the pound. Once a neighbor decided to keep our dog for 4 weeks before we found it.

It is a fine line to know how to give your dog the exercise it needs compared with your family's demanding schedule.

An outdoor kennel is an ideal answer. However, there are facts about kennels the first time buyer should know.


Does the door shut completely?
  • Your dog can squeeze through a partially shut gate.

Can your dog climb up the fence and jump over the wall?
  • Dog's paws can fit in some chain link fences, enabling them to climb up and over the wall.
  • Dogs will climb onto their dog houses and jump over the walls.

Can your dog dig under the fence?
  • Dogs love to dig.  Make sure your kennel has a system to inhibit digging.

Are the food and water dishes securely fastened?
  • Dogs like to shake and chew their dishes.
  • Spilled food attracts rodents.

Our old chain link dog kennel had a misaligned door which enabled our dog, Tigger, to squeeze through and escape. Or, if the door was secured, she would easily get away by jumping or climbing or digging out of the kennel.

She loved to chew on the food bowl which resulted in a big smelly mess. This attracted rats. One day Tigger not only escaped from her kennel, but had caught a rat and was chasing our children around the back yard with the rat in its mouth. I was laughing. They were screaming.

We found the K-9 kennel and it has made a world of difference. The kennel looks nice and keeps Tigger inside. It is built out of black powder coated tubing and steel mesh which is too small for a dog's paw.  At the bottom is a unique preventative digging system. The kennel has an easy to use door that the children can work and which keeps Tigger securely inside. The dog food bowls are securely attached to the kennel, which results in less mess, peace of mind, and no more rats.

With the K-9 Kennel, our children know where the family dog is and Tigger is no longer an 'escape artist'.

-An Adoring Customer