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Have you ever repaired your dog's freshly dug excavation site only to discover your little buddy, 'Fido', has dug a new hole somewhere else in the kennel?

If your dog digs a hole, not only might he run away but an unwanted predator or/and dog may get in the kennel and hurt or breed with your dog.

In this article I will be showing:
How to Stop a Dog from Digging Out

Most dog runs are made out of chain-link which is not much of a barrier to a determined dog.  While smaller breeds may be too small to jump over 4 foot fences, climbing under a chain link fence is fairly easy. Chain link bends easily thus making it easy for 'Fido"  to dig under. He will normally  discover this escape route quickly. You would think the solution should be amazingly simple. But just when you think you have fixed the problem; your dog finds another way to escape.

Here are some options for your dog pen:

1. Pouring Cement: Use it as a border around the base of your kennel.  This is very effective and fairly inexpensive. The negative to this solution is, it is labor intensive and will remain there for good.

2. Installing Chicken Wire: Lining the bottom of the fence with chicken wire that lays about 2 feet from the fence line will stop his digging in no time.  This is a very effective and somewhat inexpensive method. However, initially setting this up will take a few hours. The negative? It is very labor intensive. Sharp edges of the wire may injure or trip you so be careful how it is installed.

3. Bury Rocks or Pavers Along the Baseline: Burying rocks or paver blocks along the baseline of the fence will stop your dog quickly when he starts digging. Also placing big rocks around the inside of the kennel is cheap. The negative is that some dogs will dig around them and grass grows between them. The rocks are not esthetic to look at and it gives less square footage inside the dog run.  You are not able to use this solution for the gate.

4. Bury the Fence Deep: This is more labor intensive than laying down chicken wire. Once you bury the fence deeply, it is there to stay. When you set up the fence, plant the base two feet below the ground. This strategy ensures  your dog will not escape.

5. Sprinkle cayenne, chili powder or black pepper in the dirt where the dog digs: The dog is so busy sneezing, he forgets to dig.

6. Use the Digging Prevention System: This method installs in just seconds and is highly effective.  Being portable,  you can move it with the kennel any place you want it to go. Check it out at www.k9kennelstore.com.

So which ever method you use, good luck in keeping 'Fido' in his kennel!