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If you are planning to spend vacation, or if you are going outside of the house, you need to leave your dog outside the house, then it is mandatory to provide a clean, dry, well ventilated dog kennel for your pet. And also you need to consider that your dog kennel must have comfortable bedding, and made with weather proof materials, and also with some insulating properties and many more. These insulating properties will keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. You need to consider so many things for dog kennel like the entrance must be facing away from the prevailing wind. And also you need to keep this kennel under the tree when climate conditions are too much hot and sunny. And also in those sunny days, you need to provide water supply as part of the kennel set up. For this instance, the wooden kennel is the best one for your dog. This wooden kennel is made with wooden floor, and it is always hygienic and warmer than other kennels. When it comes to bedding, you need to place a blanket or straw in that kennel. However, you need to change this blanket regularly because this place where combat parasites breed in these materials.

After that you need to consider that enclosed yard, this must be well enough to prevent dog jumping or digging its way out. Every time you need to remember that it has all the time in the world to work on its escape plans. In earlier days, these kennels commonly require to be chained up. To secure your dog, rope is not an easy because the dog to chew through. And also you need to consider that the water bowl might be tipped over when the dog is on a chain. To resolve this issue, there is an integrated dog kennel with wired netting run with separate access called chain link dog kennels. If you place your dog in this kennel, then you need not be worry about the theft of the expensive dog.

There is another advantage with this wooden and chain linked kennels is you can keep water container with a constant water supply. And another advantage with these kennels is you can join such units together. And also you can secure your pups from bitch on heat. If you have more male dogs, this arrangement will have better separation between them and prevent damage from fighting. Such arrangements will keep your dog comfortable and stay health. And finally, there are some well established and well experienced manufacturers of dog kennels are selling this wooden and chain link dog kennels through online.

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