Maintaining Your Dog Kennel

     Maintaining your dog kennel is a task that be easily done if you purchase the correct dog kennel for your purpose. For most people, maintaining a healthy environment for your dog is as simple as scooping up the dog feces once a week and disinfecting the area with a cup of bleach to one gallon of water sprayed in the kennel area to kill any bacteria that can make your dog sick.
Make sure the kennel you purchase does not set directly on the ground. A good quality dog kennel will have small posts that keep the bottom frame off the ground 1 to 2" to allow the dog feces to be washed out of the kennel under the frame of the kennel. If you have a kennel floor, like plastic or rubber, use the bleach and water mixture described above in a garden sprayer and spray the flooring weekly. DO NOT spray the bleach directly on the metal part of the kennel as this can cause your kennel to start rusting as chlorine is highly corrosive to metals! Rinse well with fresh water before allowing the dog back into the kennel as the bleach can cause chemical burns to the pads of the dogs paws.
If you have a dog who is determined to try to climb the kennel to escape, DO NOT stake the dog to a chain inside of the kennel! There have been many foolish people who have staked a chain to the ground inside of a kennel, only to have the dog hang themselves from their collars when climbing the kennel sides. Invest in a kennel top which covers the kennel and will stop the climbing behavior. One company has introduced a corrugated metal roof system that will extend the life of your kennel and make the kennel a much more comfortable environment for your dog.
Hinges and latches on your dog kennel will last much longer with a small amount of silicone lubricant sprayed on monthly. Check for broken wires on the kennel at least monthly which can lead to expensive Vet bills if your dog gets cut by a rusty broken wire. In most cases, kennel maintenance is easy if you use common sense and take care of any problems right now, rather than later...
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