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Keeping your pets cool is a very importent especially in places with very hot summers and high humidity. We at K9 Kennel Store offer several solution for keeping your pets very comfortable in thier K9 Kennel System. Clearly, the summer heat and your pet's safety is something to taken very seriously. What will work best for both you and your pet will vary from situation to situation and dog to dog, depending on your dog's age, their health, their body size and hair, available shade, your ability to keep their water fresh and clean, actual temperatures, humidity levels and more. It's always advisable to visit thoroughly with your veterinarian regarding this and other issues, before making any decisions on lifestyle, products, grooming or general pet care, regarding their advice on what will be best for your pet's specific needs.
Outdoor Box Fan Kennel Attachment
K9 Kennel Store Box fan and bracke are an economical way to keep your pet cool in thier kennel system. Easy to set up in minutes with no toos required. Simply hang the box fan Kennel attachment and mount fan to it plug it in and your pet will enjoy a more comfortable enviroment.

Bracket Works With Most 20" Box Fans
Keep your Kennel cool with the K9 Kennelstore box fan. This performance 20" box fan is made with a patented, isolated Weather-Shield motor to ensure smooth operation. Costing less than two cents per hour to run, the fan can go all night without hurting your finances. The top-mounted controls are easy to adjust, and you have the choice of three different speeds for just the right amount of air.

20" Outdoor Kennel Box Fan

Cool your pets living spaces with the 12 ft. Professional Outdoor Misting Kit. This flexible cooling system attaches to all of our kennel systems and helps cool surrounding air by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Constructed of brass, the Slip-Lok fitting rotates 360 degrees to direct the mist where you want it.
  • Flexible misting line cools outdoor areas by up to 20 degrees
  • 50 ft. of misting coverage can be expanded up to 125 ft.
  • 1/4 in. nozzle is constructed of brass and stainless-steel
  • Brass Slip-Lok fittings rotate 360 degrees
  • Connects to most standard garden hoses
  • Installs in minutes for quick assembly

Dog Kennel Mounted Mister 10 Nozzles

  • Not to be used in direct wet weather conditions   
  • Costs less than two cents per hour
  • 20" blade diameter
  • Three speeds
  • Top-mounted control
  • Carry handle
  • Model B20500

  • Sets up in minutes-no tools
  • All steel construction
  • Powder Coated

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ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Fan
This is a solar powered exhaust fan, so there is no need to plug into an electrical outlet or have expensive electrical work done where there is no current electricity. Having a breeze to remove warmer air from the dog house and replace it with cooler outside air is a great way to keep your pet as cool as possible on warm summer days, which this fan will remove the house air up to five times per minute. It is easy to install - attach the exhaust fan to the/an opening on the dog house and locate the solar panel either on top of the house or up to 8' away where it can receive direct sunlight. Each is attached with four screws.
Designed for Kennel Castle Dog House, but can be used on other dog house with flat side mounting area
ASL Solutions Dog House Solar Powered Fan

AKOMA Dog Kennel Heater & Fan Combo
This combanation dog kennel heater and cooling fan lets you keep your pet comfortable in the summer AND the winter with a single compact, safe, and durable product. Flip a switch, turn the thermostat clockwise, and this unit functions as a dog kennel Heater. Flip another switch, adjust the thermostat accordingly, and it becomes a dog house ventilator. Easy to install and easy to use!
Dimensions: approx. 10"L x 10"W x 5 1/4"D
Heater & Cooler


  • 7 foot cold weather rated cord
  • Metal cord cover for protection from chewing
  • Rounded corners for pet's safety
  • Weighs only 6 lbs.

In Heat Mode:

Safe, dry heat
Long life replaceable heating element
Element rated at 100,000 on/off cycles
Heats up to 32-40 cubic foot houses
Lower portion is warm to the touch
Automatic safety shut off prevents overheating
Heat shield deflector for safer operation
150 watts of heating power for large houses

Average Furnace Temperature Ranges:

Low to Medium -- 32-50 degrees F
Medium to High -- 50-80 degrees F

Most people set their Hound Heater Furnace slightly above Medium. Please remember that the size of your dog house, its level of insulation, and door greatly affect the Furnace's ability to reach any of these temperatures.

In Breeze Mode:

Very quiet -- less than 45 decibels
Draws about 10 watts
Displaces 24+ cubic feet of air per minute
The Breezer fan will change out all the air in a typical dog house every minute
Fan life expectancy of 30,000 hours
Breezer mode costs less than $1 per month on average if run every day

  • Size 9.5 * 6.5
  • Weight 3.5lbs
  • Solar panel that attaches to top of dog house.
  • Can be used on any other dog house with a flat mounting surface.
  • Keeps dog cool with an indirect breeze
  • Exhaust vents provide passive exhaust
  • Solar Powered Fan replaces entire house air up to 5 times per minute
  • Vents close with the twist of a knob for winter protection
  • Safe low voltage fan and panel
  • Long lasting whisper quiet ball bearing fan
  • 8ft cord included when dog house is not in the sun