k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e
                     Exterior (in)                Interior (in)               Door (in)

Size           L          W        H         L        W        H           W         H  
Large       40.0     32.0     22.0      25.4    35.5   19.25     11.75    13.0

Tall          40.0     32.0     28.0     27.75    35.5   19.25     11.75    13.0
Dimensions might vary slightly.
* Exterior and interior dimensions for these sizes are estimates
  • Double wall construction insulated with 3/4" foamboard
  • .030 gauge smooth aluminum outer skin
  • 1/8" FRP interior and exterior sheathing
  • 1/2" plywood floor
  • Support arm bracket to hold lid up
  • Door opening 11 3/4" W x 13" H
  • Aluminum double swing door flap
  • Cleans easily with sealed surfaces and easy access
  • Available in White or Silver
  • Made in the USA

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Dogs are den animals and traditionally have sought safety and security in small confined areas. Most of the time dogs prefer to be curled and butted against a wall, preferably a corner. This is why a misplaced dog is likely to be found under the family vehicle, behind the work table out in the tool shed, or flopped down in a recently excavated hole by the garage. Cathedral ceilings and wide open spaces are the preferences of humans. Most dogs are not so inclined.

Keeping this in mind, how much space should a house allow for a typical dog, and how much more space is needed for larger dogs? A basic area of 30" x 30", with 16 to 20 inches of ceiling height will provide your dog a den area suitable for his nesting instincts, and make it easy for him to maintain body warmth. Because your dog cannot rise within the house, he can't easily scratch or chew on the walls. Larger dogs may need more width or depth to accommodate their larger frames, but their need for overhead space does not incrementally increase.

A dog house shouldn't be larger than your dog can heat. Remember, his body provides the only heat to combat the winter's cold. Peaked or domed roofs can draw heat away from your dog and help create drafts. Tests have proven the Lifesaver dog house stays cooler in summer, too. The double wall construction with insulation helps discourage moisture and seals out heat.


The Lifesaver Dog House is built and designed to provide your dog with a dry environment and wind protection. The house is constructed with 1 x 2 frames, sandwiched on both sides with 2.7 mm lauan, a veneered wood material used in home building for doors and cabinets. The lauan interior wicks moisture away from your dog and is draft resistant. There is no plastic to chew on or trap moisture or condensation, and no metal inside to collect moisture and freeze to your dog's coat. Between the lauan is 3/4" EPS type foam board insulation. The 1/2" plywood floor is positioned 5 inches lower than the bottom of the door opening to allow plenty of bedding for nesting. The outside of the doghouse is covered in aluminum sheeting. The lid is engineered and sealed to be leak proof. It allows full access to interior for cleaning, bedding changes, and dog handling, and includes a lock-in-place support bracket. An aluminum double swing weather flap allows easy access for your dog. 11 3/4" W x 13" H door opening.

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