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  • 900 Watts - powerful enough to make sure all nozzles have equal and strong wind pressure.
  • 3-speed control - wind speed from 15m/s to 24m/s.
  • Delivers large volume and flow of fresh air into cage compartments at natural environmental temperature.
  • Virtually maintenance free no brushes to replace and no heating element to burn out.
  • Both intake ports have filters that eliminate hair and debris from entering the motor.
  • Includes a snout adapter, three long-lasting, heavy-duty 6' hoses, three cage attachments and clamps
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Aelous is a highly experienced and respected international manufacturer of electrical, motor driven equipment and systems that emphasizes state-of-the-art design maximizing operational flexibility and versatility. The electrical equipment under sale has the highest International Electrical Safety Standards Certification in the Pet Dryer Industry.  "Multiple Cage Dryer" is designed for low speed cage drying on small to large breed dogs where low temperature heat is desirable. A highly balanced induction motor design creates at least 40% less noise than our nearest competitor, greater and longer motor life, and only uses 3.8 amp power draw at max speed and a 3-hour timer control. For such a small and lightweight cage dryer, this cage bank dryer delivers outstanding performance producing air flow at 2000 CFM with 5000 FPM (velocity) at high speed. The unique 2 filter system keeps the motor clean and is easy accessible from open side intakes. Pet Dryers are manufactured with durable, rugged and high impact ABS plastic housing and affords the lowest possible maintenance to the owner. This cage dryer is preferred by groomers who desire multiple cage drying from a single, low speed, low temperature, quiet, low power usage and high job effectiveness. The rubber tipped unit feet allow 3 axis tilt capability for non-slip stability and heavy duty handle for support, makes this the epitome of a "GREAT MULTI CAGE DRYING SYSTEM".
Dog Cage Bank Blow Dryer