What Makes a good Dog Kennel or Dog Run?
I am a kennel expert who has been designing and building dog kennels for many years now full time and wanted to share the information that I have learned over the years to my fellow dog.......

How Do I Keep My Dog in Her Chain-Link Kennel?
When installing your chain link kennel, which will take about 2 to 4 hours, stretch the chain link very tightly. Use a come-a-long tool, if you can...

Your Dog - An Escape Artist?
Have you ever seen the anguish in your children's eyes when the family dog has run away?
We have experienced this frequently. The dog will either end up at a neighbor's, or at the pound. Once a neighbor decided to keep our...

How Do I Stop My Dog from Digging Out?
Have you ever repaired your dog's freshly dug excavation site only to discover your little buddy, 'Fido', has dug a new hole somewhere else in the kennel? If your dog digs a hole, not only might he run away but an unwanted predator or/and dog may get in the kennel and hurt or breed...

Dog Safety for Kids
All children should be taught to respect other living beings, be they animal or human. From birth, children need to learn that some things are just not allowed, and "be gentle"...

Types of Dog Kennels
Dog kennels are a great way to keep your pet safe and secure without having to put them in chains. Ideal kennels provide enough space for a dog to move about freely and also...

Essential Things for Dog Health and Security
If you are planning to spend vacation, or if you are going outside of the house, you need to leave your dog outside the house, then it is mandatory to provide a clean, dry, well ventilated dog kennel for

Dog kennels can be broken down into several different types
Outdoor Dog Kennels: This type of kennel is used outdoors to protect the dog and keep them within a certain area. Many people do not consider the danger a predator animal can present to your dog and a poorly made dog kennel will not stop

Dog Kennel Training
Many people who purchase a dog kennel do not realize that a bit of effort on their part can go along way to avoiding problems with your dog when they are introduced to their new "home" for the first time.

Maintaining Your Dog Kennel
Maintaining your dog kennel is a task that be easily done if you purchase the correct dog kennel for your purpose. For most people, maintaining a healthy environment

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