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k 9   k e n n e l   s t o r e ABOUT US

Manufacture only the highest quality products, and build them to last a lifetime.

A firm commitment to customer service and problem-solving.

To always innovate and improve on our best.

We've been in the manufacturing business since 1975 and we are constantly developing and innovating new metal products. We designed and built our first dog kennel in 2008. In that short amount of time we have continued to improve our dog runs and have come to be one of the best dog kennel manufacturers on the market today. We continue to this day to produce top quality metal products, whether it be our trailer line of Echo Trailers to our top of the line dog kennels and dog runs. Chicken Coops, Walk in bird aviaries and full size animal cages.

We take pride in our work and are always striving to be better. We believe that only through constant improvement can a company succeed. Our mission is to create the best product possible and we feel like we have done just that with our dog kennels. We've taken many extra steps that the other companies wouldn't dare consider because it's not "cost feasible" and made them a reality without bringing your cost up to an unreasonable level.

Our commitment to R&D, quality and service truly sets us apart. From the use of powder coated steel and an expanded metal mesh as opposed to chain-link, to the invention of the Digging Prevention System, to the addition of the available peaked canvas roof to keep your pet safe from the elements no matter, what we are constantly working toward a better product and it shows in the satisfaction our customers express.

We don't cut any corners when it comes to quality. From our heavy, industry best 14 gauge 1" X 1" steel frame, to our climb and chew-resistant 8 gauge welded wire mesh, to our optional Gravity Locking Latch System. To our easy panel connecting hinges-which require no tools, are completely secure, and make each kennel system totally modular (allowing you to change the size or shape of your dog kennel at any point)--to our thick and protective galvanized finish for the Professional System, it is no wonder that ours is the only kennel you'll ever own.

Check out our full kennel specifications Page of our different Kennel options we offer.

Specializing in industrial-grade dog kennels for boarding facilities, veterinarians, rescues, show-dogs and police departments. We have been designing and building kennels since 2008. We operate our business with ethics; a firm commitment to quality and safety, absolute honesty, pride in our products and employees, and an unyielding dedication to hold ourselves to a higher standard.

What makes a great dog kennel? K9 Kennels' dog kennels serve many purposes beyond keeping your dog confined to a specific area. Dog kennels and dog runs need to have the strength to keep your dog from escaping from the area you want them to be in, but at the same time, the dog kennels must be able to protect your pet from predators that could result in expensive vet bills or neighborhood dogs wanting to breed with your dog. We manufacture a wide range of kennel sizes to suit your specific needs and the needs of your pet. Since we are the actual manufacturer of our dog kennels, we can custom build your dog kennels to the size you need. We make dog kennels for both small pets and large, aggressive breeds and everything in-between! Our modular dog kennel design allows you to easily expand your kennel area by simply adding the panels you need. All of our dog kennels are constructed using welded wire or expanded metal mesh, which is much stronger and safer for your pet than chain link dog kennels.

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